“We use the smallest tourmaline particles that can be currently produced, which are nanometer-sized particles.”

– F. Dombrow, Jr., Fir Industries

Why the Fir-Industries products are different

We use the smallest tourmaline particles that can be currently produced, which are nanometer-sized particles.

  • There are a thousand millimeters in a meter.
  • There are a thousand microns in a millimeter.
  • There are a thousand nanometers in a micron.
  • A nanometer is a billionth of a meter.

We are the only company that has developed the technology to permanently infuse and bond nanometer-sized particles of tourmaline into fabric.

The smaller the particle of tourmaline is, the greater the energy will be for each gram of tourmaline used. This comes directly from the National Institute of Health.

Since we currently use the smallest particle size that can be produced by today’s technology, we, therefore, have tourmaline products that have the greatest amount of healing energy that can be produced today.

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