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Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.

~Bo Derek


Here you will find the Exceptional.


Solutions From The Soul

Not enough time to read?  Not a big fan of reading,
even though you know knowledge is power?  No Worries. We got your back. The STELLA NOTES  were created with you in mind.

An Interactive Experience

Turn Your Inner Critic to Your Inner Coach!

Each title is a mini coaching system that represents a specific area of life to help you overcome life’s challenges.   Written in a friendly manner, easy-read format and an engaging layout to help you thrive.

Every book is also filled with beautiful inspiring photographs, powerful affirmations, practical tools you can use right away, fun relaxing mandalas for coloring, motivating true stories, and so much more.

STELLA NOTES:   Winning Ways for Being Happier


The Tourmaline Blanket

Every so often, in this section, I will highlight a product for you that that is definitely worth checking out! 🙂

 Learn more about what I call the Happiness Blanket… angelically soft light weight fabric infused with tourmaline crystals to wrap up and relax from the pressures of the day and the light aches and pains of the body.  You will love the feeling.  Stella 🙂

Tourmaline Benefits

Tourmaline absorbs body heat and re-radiates that heat in the form of Far Infrared energy back into the body.

eBooks, Self-Development, Self-Knowledge, Spiritual Growth

Tourmaline Facts

Tourmaline absorbs body heat and re-radiates that heat in the form of Far Infrared energy back into the body.


Tourmaline Crystals

Tourmaline helps to put our body into a high energy efficiency mode.

Tourmaline Blanket

Tourmaline FAQs

Tourmaline is a therapeutic mineral that enhances the flow of Chi energy and reduces oxidative stress. 

Tourmaline Blanket Testimonial

“…our baby calms down much quicker when we wrap him in his Fir-blanket…” -Dr. Ren, America’s Holistic Sweetheart

Tourmaline Infused Fabric

Tourmaline FIR Industries

“We use the smallest tourmaline particles that can be currently produced, which are nanometer-sized particles.” – F. Dombrow, Jr. Fir Industries

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