Tourmaline absorbs body heat and re-radiates that heat in the form of Far Infrared energy back into the body.

Tourmaline Benefits

Tourmaline is a therapeutic mineral that enhances the flow of chi and reduces oxidative stress, to maintain health and wellness.  Tourmaline works best at a small particle size (nano size).

The results show that tourmaline powders exhibit improved far infrared emission properties as the particle size decreases. The increased surface area increases energy and the smaller particle size will increase the power of the spontaneous polarization.  This will result in more FIR emissions.

The tourmaline blanket is subtle but powerful.  It supports sound, deep and restful sleep and helps to generate alpha waves and serotonin.  Tourmaline can radiate an energy of 8-13Hz per second, which matches exactly to the alpha wave frequency in the human brain.

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